5 Ways to Check the Freshness of Fish

5 Ways to Check the Freshness of Fish

There’s nothing more alluring and exotic than a delicious fish delicacy. Whether you are a fan of buttery fish steaks or you love the crispy Indian-style fish, the delightful taste and texture of fish is pure bliss.

As much as we love the idea of indulging in a sumptuous fish delicacy, the mere thought of buying that perfect fresh fish is no less than a challenge and most of us just go by the words of the fish seller. But are we sure that the fish we are buying is actually fresh or it has been tampered with additives or is it stale? Well, these are some of the major concerns of every fish lover; So, we have curated some simple hacks to check the freshness of fish so that you enjoy the best quality fishes at the comfort of your home.

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