7 things to do to reduce your AC bills this summer

Starting your AC by setting the temperature at 16 and then keeping it like that wont help you get extra cooling. Instead, start with AC on Auto mode or the ‘quick cool’ mode for 20 minutes and then put it at 24-degrees. This will help you save power.

“Set your AC temperature at optimal level – Some people believe that setting their default AC temperatures at the lowest will give them better cooling. But that is not the case. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) mandated the default temperatures for ACs to be kept at 24 degrees. This is an optimal and comfortable temperature for the human body. Not only that, studies show that around 6 percent of electricity is saved for every degree we raise the temperature. So, keep your AC set temperature at 24 degrees instead of 18 degrees to save electricity bills,” said Nilesh Shah, vice president, Business Planning & Marketing, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd.

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