Adah Sharma on entering showbiz: It was like stepping into Jurassic Park blindfolded | Hindi Movie News

Adah Sharma on entering showbiz: It was like stepping into Jurassic Park blindfolded | Hindi Movie News

Adah Sharma made her debut as a possessed girl with the horror film, ‘1920’ in 2008, and ever since then, has been choosing some rather offbeat scripts. She has consciously hand-picked projects that are quirky, challenging, and unusual. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, the actress opens up about experimenting with roles, entering showbiz, the sudden surge in female-oriented content, and more. Excerpts…

From playing a trans-person in your recent web series to playing a character with mental health issues in the short film ‘Chuha Billi’, you have been on an experimenting spree…
(Laughs) I want to be part of good stories that I would myself like to watch. For me, ‘Pati Patni Aur Panga’ where I played a transgender was a sweet love story. I’ve not done many love stories in Hindi so I just wanted to be part of it. ‘Chuha Billi’ seemed like a challenge. I like to think of myself as a positive person but we all have some darkness in us. I had to channel all the darkness, negativity, and bitterness I had in me to be Katrina.

You picked ‘1920’ as your debut film which itself says a lot about your unconventional choices as an actor. What made you choose the film?
In the beginning, it’s always the film that chooses you. I was going for a lot of auditions and most of them were love stories, which everyone told me were ideal as my first film. I auditioned for ‘1920’ too; they loved my screen test but thought I didn’t fit the look. But I guess a good audition does go a long way. They then did a few look tests with me and I was on board. For me, it was the role of a lifetime! As a debut film or otherwise, I was very excited.


What was it like when you first saw yourself on the silver screen?
When I first saw myself on the silver screen, it felt like I was watching someone else. I didn’t really connect with that person, I still don’t. Even with some glamorous photographs, I look at them and wonder if it’s me.

Tell us about the time when you first stepped into showbiz. What was your experience like?
It was like stepping into Jurassic Park blindfolded, I’m not even kidding.

How do you deal with failures?
I feel bad and cry. I deal with it like everyone else. Eventually, I move on. I try to speed up the process of wallowing in self-pity.

A lot has been said and written about Bollywood. How has your experience as an outsider been so far?
I’ve met both good and not-so-good people. Just like kindergarten and school or any other profession, both sides exist; you have to decide which side you want to be on.

There has been a surge of female-oriented content on OTT. How do you look at this change, as an actor?
I think it is great that I’m also being offered some really good stuff. My next film is with Nani‘s production in Telugu. It is 80 per cent in English. I’m very excited about it! Female-oriented means the girl has a well-written role, so, yes that’s happening here. So, I guess you can call it a female-oriented film.

BeFunky-collage (30)

I did short films like ‘Chuha Billi’, ‘Moh’ and ‘Tindey’, which so many people watched! ‘Tindey’ won a Filmfare Award also and I realised good content will definitely grab eyeballs. I’m happy that directors think of me when they have unique subjects or roles. In ‘Soul Sathi’, there are two Adahs–the body and the soul. It was really fun! Even in ‘Commando’, even though the film centered around Vidyut Jammwal, Bhavana Reddy was a well-etched character, not a damsel in distress in an action film. She does action, beats up the bad guys, and looks good doing it.

Were you a movie buff as a child too?
I was introduced to movies by my mother. ‘The Sound of Music’ and ‘My Fair Lady’ were the first films I watched.

Do you have any friends from the industry that you like to hang out with?
There’s this actress Adah Sharma who I enjoy hanging out with; she’s good company, doesn’t ask me too many questions, and doesn’t judge me (chuckles).

Have you had any crazy fan encounters?
I’m blessed to have a hugely supportive audience from all over the country. I’ve done films in Telugu and Tamil as well. So I have an audience from there too. I have met people who have watched my films six days consecutively, four shows a day. They knew the whole film by heart. I really thought that was crazy and so awesome at the same time!

Have you ever had a fan-girl moment with anybody?
Yes, I experience fangirl moments almost every day. If I see someone doing something I aspire to on Instagram–people taking care of injured animals, kindness–it makes me an instant fangirl. I love it when people are being nice to other beings for no reason or personal gains. I also see people dancing, or acting really well and experience fangirl moments.

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