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Ali Zafar took to Instagram on Thursday, asking people to be more empathetic. “My message to the people of India, Pakistan and the rest of the world who are going through unimaginable difficulties in this pandemic. We have no right to call ourselves human beings if we don’t have empathy for each other, especially in such challenging times. The need of the hour is to connect and pray and do whatever we can to help each other,” he wrote, adding a few lyrics from the popular ‘Shor’ song, “Ek pyaar ka naghma hai, mojon ki rawaani hai, Zindagi aur kuch nahin …. teri meri kahani hai.” We spoke to the actor-singer to understand the situation across the border and find out what Ali made of it. Excerpts:

Ali Zafar, thank you for praying for India. How are things in Pakistan? How is the country tackling the Covid situation?

I believe we are doing our best to keep it under control. Difficult times.

We, as Indians, appreciate your gesture of support. How have u been feeling about the current Covid panic amongst people? What prompted you to send this heartfelt message?

I have always believed that humanity supersedes everything. While people in Pakistan are also greatly affected by the pandemic, the situation in India is heartbreaking. One can’t help but shed a tear looking at so many deaths and burials. I spoke to a friend from the fraternity in India, who, along with his family, had gone through a terrible experience with Covid and was in sheer panic, and suffering from anxiety. It made me understand the effect that it has had.

Most of my family also got Covid, including my mother, Ayesha, and the kids. To my knowledge, the best way to deal with it is to keep your immune system boosted by being positive, having a healthy diet, and most importantly, remaining calm, for which meditation and prayers work like magic. Stress and fear are the worst enemies of the human immune system, which is our only defence against any virus or disease.

Are you in touch with your friends in the Hindi film industry, who are extending help to the people in need?

Yes, I am in touch with some of my friends and we share notes.

Bollywood has suffered a huge setback with cinema halls shut during the lockdown. How is the Pakistani film industry doing now?

It’s the same here. Cinemas have taken a huge hit as they have been shut ever since the first wave hit.

Do you miss working in Bollywood?

I am sure there are filmmakers in the Hindi film industry, who would want you to be part of their cinema, but the ban on Pakistani artistes seems to come in the way. I certainly have great memories of my time in India. I hope we can mend ways and people of both countries get to connect, meet and work with each other.

What about your upcoming projects?

I just released a qawwali “Balaghul Ula Bi Kamaalehi”. I hope it brings peace to people’s hearts as it did to mine while rendering it. I will be releasing my fourth album “Husn” this year, along with other singles. I am also working on scripts for features and series, and producing and mentoring other artistes who don’t have the means. My foundation the Ali Zafar Foundation is continuing to provide food and cash to the deserving and to the labourers who are out of jobs due to the lockdown.

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