Annu Kapoor takes a dig at celebrities’ vacation pictures; compares them to ‘eating lavish meal in front of people who are starving’ | Hindi Movie News

Veteran actor Annu Kapoor, who is known for voicing his thoughts on social media, recently spoke about the celebrities who were seen showing off their pictures from the vacation while the country continues to battle against coronavirus. In a recent interview with an entertainment portal, he said that he has no objection if they go on a holiday but they should not show off on social media.

In April 2020, Annu Kapoor had tweeted, “I humbly appeal to rich and famous from all walks of life and media not to post their pictures vacationing at exotic locations while the most of the world suffers with pandemic. Kisi ko jalaa ke majloomon ki baddua Kyun lena (Why should you attract curse of the downtrodden by making them jealous?)”

Now in an interview, the actor compared their vacation pictures to eating a lavish meal in front of people who are starving. Taking a dig at them, he further added that he knows they are rich and can afford it, they have a beautiful body. He said that it doesn’t look good to show off. He also criticized people who give attention to celebs’ vacation pictures on social media.

Earlier, celebs like Shruti Seth and Nawazuddin Siddiqui had also slammed celebrities for posting pictures from the Maldives at a time when the people in India are suffering due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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