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Being touted as the first K-pop meets I-pop collaboration, Armaan Malik’s song ‘Echo’ with K-pop artist Eric Nam and DJ KSHMR has left fans delighted. Many Indian K-Pop fans dreamed of this and Armaan made us all proud with this massive collaboration. ETimes recently spoke to the man of the hour who revealed his favourite K-Pop artist, dream collaboration, and much more!

Armaan is now a bonafide EXO-L but you’ll be surprised to know that he accidentally discovered K-pop music on a flight. But then on there was no looking back for him! While he enjoys quite a few K-pop bands and artists, he particularly loves EXO Chen’s vocals! In an exclusive chat, Armaan revealed to us why he admires EXO Chen so much! “I think Chen is one of my favorite artists. EXO Chen and EXO KAI are both amazing. Obviously, Chen is not active right now, so whenever he comes back tell him that Armaan is ready (laughs)”.

He further went on to add, “I think Chen’s got a very beautiful voice. His live vocals are just amazing. I’ve seen a few clips online and I think it’s beautiful. I really appreciate someone who can sing that beautifully live as well. I think that’s something that really shows the musicality and artistry of an artist. So yeah, definitely Chen and Kai are some of the artists that I would love to collaborate with”.

Delving further into the conversation, Armaan also revealed his love for Korean ballads. Known as the Prince of Romance, Armaan says he really loves ballads as compared to the peppy dance music. “What I particularly love about K-pop is, I don’t know if this is highlighted much, but I love the ballads and the soft songs that they have. You know, there are definitely a lot of peppy numbers and there’s obviously a lot of those dance routine music videos, which do really well. But what I love, obviously being a romantic singer from Bollywood, I have a special place in my heart for these ballads and soft numbers that they do. So, that’s why I did a cover of Beautiful Goodbye by Chen, because it’s such a soft song such a melodious song. It really touched my heart. So I don’t know if a lot of people talk about those ballads, but I feel like they should be more popular than they are already”.

Won’t it be a delight to watch a collaboration between EXO Chen and our very own Armaan Malik? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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