BJP councillor Sanjay Thakur asked for money to build a building: Saurabh Bhardwaj

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AAP Chief spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj on Thursday said that people gheraoed when BJP councillor Sanjay Thakur asked for money to build a building. He said that Sanjay Thakur’s job is to make buildings creating nexus with the builders, when someone else comes into the picture and tries to build buildings then this nexus forcibly asks for money. He said that many complaints of fraud and forgery have been lodged against Councilor Sanjay Thakur, Delhi Police has not taken any action yet. Bhardwaj said that BJP’s Delhi president Adesh Gupta should explain what action has been taken against this councillor. He said that the BJP had given tickets to such people, this time BJP will again change its councillors and give tickets to new people.

AAP Chief spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj said, “We had earlier noted through a press conference that a complaint was filed with the CBI that a junior engineer of BJP ruled MCD was asking for money for the construction of a building and when CBI conducted a raid over there, the BJP councillor was caught red-handed while taking the money. He was taking the first instalment of Rs 10 lakhs, of the total amount that was agreed upon, i.e. Rs. 20 lakhs. Manoj Mehlawat, Councilor of Vasant Kunj Ward, has been released on bail.

However, the CBI has not given a press release about his arrest, charge sheet or bail. Do you understand the reason behind it? Since he is a councillor from BJP, the CBI is keeping quiet over the matter.” He said, “Today, I would like to remind you that in 2017 Shri Amit Shah pondered on how to ensure that their councillors win the elections again? So, he came up with a scheme that all councillors must be changed since the ones who were in power earlier were widely unpopular among the masses; and a campaign was started with the slogan ‘Nayi umeed nayi udaan, Dilli maange Kamal nishaan’ wherein they highlighted that they have changed all the previous councillors.”

Bhardwaj said, “I would like to tell you about a councillor of the BJP. This councilor from Ward 71-S, Saidulajab Ward, South Delhi Municipal Corporation, Shri Sanjay Thakur. We would show you a video that was shot yesterday in the afternoon. He reached a building that was under construction and the video shows that there was bickering/quarrel over the exchange of money with the councillor after which he ran away to another building- one that is said to be his own. People circled around the building and called the police. Among the common citizens who were outside the building was a BJP General Secretary Santosh Goyal, leading the crowd, and her family members.

We would show you the video and send it over on WhatsApp as well.” He said, “This video is from C-69, Freedom Fighter Colony, wherein a building is being constructed. The video shows that there is an argument going on with regard to the exchange of money.” He said, “When we found out about Sanjay Thakur, we got to know that he is a very well known person. He might have gotten a ticket from BJP because of this fame- that in order to gain control over the land belonging to Gram Sabha and Forest, for filing an FIR an STF was created in 1997.

The first FIR was registered against him. The FIR number is 1/97. It has been written against his own address- the one that he currently stays in. It tells how he forcefully gained control over government land in order to construct his own house.” Shri Bhardwaj said, “On 10th June 2020, another complaint was registered against Sanjay Thakur by Shri Tilak Raj Arya who stays in Greater Kailash. Mr Thakur and his wife forcefully gained control over his house, forged the related documents and sold his building to someone else.

The complaint states- ‘Complaint against Shri Sanjay Thakur, his wife Smt Seema Thakur and others for cheating, fraud, forgery, criminal breach of trust, after hatching a conspiracy to grab property A-17, Freedom Fighter Colony, Neb Sarai. Shri Tilak Raj Arya, in the complaint, states that: In April 2017, he was elected as Municipal Councilor of Saidulajab and I was relieved to hear that and trusted him. But in 2019 I was shocked to know that he sold all my flats on the said property to different parties after forging the sale documents pertaining to the said property in the name of his wife Seema Thakur without my consent and knowledge.

So he created fake documents in which his wife was shown to be the owner after which he sold all 4 flats.” He said, “Another similar complaint was filed against him on 9th January 2020 by a 74-year-old retired professor from Patna, former Chairman of Bihar Education Board. He has said the exact same thing. In A 1/53, Shri Sanjay Thakur similarly gained control over his land- by making fake documents and selling them off to a third party. This is the complaint written to DCP, SHO and Commissioner of Police on 9th January 2020 and another time again.

Bhardwaj said, “Another interesting complaint by Shri Dhananjay Prakash Mishra also portrays a similar fraud. The interesting part about this complaint is that it also mentions the name of Shri Manoj Tiwari. The people who know about the politics in Delhi know that Sanjay Thakur is quite close to Manoj Tiwari. The complaint also mentions  Manoj Tiwari nephew Shri Neeraj Tiwari- that- “I have been threatened by Neeraj Tiwari, nephew of  Manoj Tiwari, MP at the insistence of Sanjay Thakur, Councilor in Saidulajab to kill me by bullet.” And even this complaint was written twice to DCP, SHO and the Commissioner, by  Dhananjay Prakash Mishra, resident of A-131, third floor, Freedom Fighter Colony.” He said, “It is quite a shocking matter that such people, whose work is to illegally capture other people’s property and sell it off, against whom the government’s STF itself has filed an FIR, such people, if they become the Municipal Councilor, then what would they do for the citizens?”

Bhardwaj said, “I really want you to see the video. It is being put up. Till then I would like to tell you another interesting fact about him. On 20th January 2021, he was given a notice pertaining to theft because when BSES raided his home on 4th January 2021- his home, the address of which is also mentioned in his voter ID- they found out that he’s involved in direct theft, i.e. consuming electricity without any meter. The penalty was in the name of Seema Thakur, wife of Sanjay Thakur. The interesting fact is since the theft was caught and abvideo was captured, in order to prevent any sort of defaming, this bill of Rs 3 lakh 40 Thousand (with penalty) has been paid by him.” He said, “I would like to tell you that if such people are given tickets by the BJP and if they become the Councilor in future, then all citizens of Delhi must know that this time again, BJP would change all its councilors and give tickets to new people.

However, this doesn’t change anything. This time the corruption done by BJP Councilors has broken all previous records. And, I would like to invite you that on Monday we would bring to light another BJP Councilor who is looting the public. We would show you the true face of BJP.” He said, “I would like to request Councillor Gupta- who himself is a councillor and understands their business very well- that in light of the complaints and documented councillor have presented against his councillor in addition to yesterday’s video; to hold a press conference and clarify what action has been done by the BJP against their councillor.”

Content of the video

Bhardwaj explained, “This Scorpio belongs to the Councilor who ran to the other building when the police came in. This woman is BJP’s State General Minister Smt Santosh Goyal- she called the police. And I would show you another video in which she says that he’s making 100 buildings. His actual work is to construct buildings in collaboration with other builders and the allegation on him is that when others undertake construction- he asks them for money. You can also see that police officers are present there and the interesting fact is that Delhi Police has not registered any case, not even on the exchange of money. The matter has been dismissed after having pocketed the money.”

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