Bolly Buzz: Salman Khan’s kissing scene in ‘Radhe’ trailer goes viral, Varun Dhawan takes on trolls | Hindi Movie News

Salman Khan has got everyone talked with ‘Radhe’ trailer and Varun Dhawan is savagely taking on trolls – check out all the latest headlines in Bolly Buzz.

Eid is going to be spectacular and we have only Bhaijaan Salman Khan to thank. The actor dropped his adrenaline-pumping, action-packed trailer and it was glorious! From those sexy slomo shots to those dramatic chase sequences, fist numbing fight scenes the trailer had everything you’d expect from a Salman-starrer and a surprise kiss! Yes, Salman gave us his career-first on-screen kissing scene that lasted 1 whole second! While fans couldn’t believe their eyes and the ladies wished hard that they were Disha Patani, it later appeared that Salman may not have broken his no-kissing rule after all. A brighter photo of that scene sees Disha with tape on her mouth. Well, we say, tape or no tape, this is the closest we’ve come to an onscreen kiss from Salu and it is worth celebrating!

Before the kiss scene made headlines, Salman was winning hearts for his act of kindness and generosity. The actor started distributing food kits to the frontline workers in the city as a part of his food donation drive that he began last year. As he was concerned about how the police officers, BMC staff and health workers on duty were procuring essentials amidst the curfew, he started a three-week plan to distribute food packages to these brave frontline warriors as a way of thanking them for their efforts.

On the other side of town, we had Varun Dhawan who turned troll slayer and shut down a troll trying to run him down. A troll plunged head-first into conclusions that the actor was returning home from a getaway with wife Natasha Dala, and threw him some shade on social media besides calling him “privileged”. This didn’t sit well with the actor, who shot back saying, “Well, your assumption is wrong. I was shooting my film and not on holiday and what do you mean gave them a chance. I have people who have also lost their life in COVID so please keep ur assumptions to urself.”

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