BTS leader RM expresses gratitude to ARMYs for raising COVID-19 relief funds, expresses a desire to visit India soon | K-pop Movie News

BTS’ RM expressed his opinions on Indian Fans contributing money for the Covid-19 disaster aid. It was previously claimed that one of the group’s Indian fanbases contributed more than Rs, 20 lakhs in just 24 hours to aid in the recovery of individuals impacted by the pandemic.

BTS was notified about the nice deed during a recent interview with a major television network. “Thank you for the beautiful ARMY’s in India”. We miss you and we hope that we could be there in front of you as soon as possible. Let us stay strong in these challenging times. Our prayers go to everyone currently fighting against Covid-19 and we hope to see you soon and safe”, RM said in response to the news.

BTS is yet to make an appearance in India. Last year, the group stated that once the virus was finished, they would travel to India. RM has reassured supporters that the band will return to India as soon as feasible.

RM said that they truly hope that the situation gets better as soon as possible. If the opportunity comes, he hopes that they can see everyone safely. They send their best wishes for India’s help.

“Many including UNICEF are partnered for Love Myself campaign, are sending their support as well. So, we are aware that India is suffering badly from the pandemic. So, after it ends, we truly hope that we can be there and climb that things are over, we are here together right now,” he said.

In a previous interview with PTI, BTS expressed their support for India, In an email exchange, BTS member V remarked, “Our prayers are with India. Stay strong ARMY and let’s never lose hope.”

Butter, a new song by the K-pop trio, was recently released. The song has topped several music charts, including Billboard’s Hot 100.

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