BTS meal chicken nugget resembling ‘Among Us’ character auctioned for a whopping USD 99,997! | K-pop Movie News

BTS’ popularity knows no bounds. Besides creating music history and smashing records on the charts, the K-Pop stars have also been raking in brand endorsement deals by the number. Their latest collaboration with a fast-food burger chain has only added to the hype around the seven-member group.

RM, V, J-Hope, JungKook, Jimin, Jin and SUGA were back in the news today when a single chicken nugget from their special meal, was almost auctioned off for a USD 100,000.

A person who bought one of BTS’ meals, received a chicken nugget that reminiscent of an Among Us character. Aware of the immense popularity of the band and the game, the girl put the nugget up for auction on eBay on May 28.

While the bidding for the nugget started at just USD 0.99, the offers quickly came in and took the bid way beyond the USD 10,000 mark.

The six-day auction finally came to a close over the weekend with the highest bid coming in at an astounding USD 99,997!

This is one of the biggest bids for items minutely connected to the BTS boys.

Back in February, the Korean Popstars were in for a surprise when the items they put up for auction sold for eight times higher than the expected price.

Reports stated that the costumes from their ‘Dynamite’ music video fetched an estimated 180 million Korean won (approximately USD 162,500). Billboard reported that the pastel-shaded costumes raked in the big bucks and were even recorded the highest bids.

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