Exclusive! Back home from hospital, Bappi Lahiri meets his grandson Krrish after 18 months | Hindi Movie News

Yes, Bappi Lahiri‘s grandson’s name is Krishh. “We are followers of Hare Krishna, that’s why,” Baappida’s son Bappa tells ETimes when contacted. Bappa is dancing in the aisles; Papa is back home free from COVID. The legendary music director returned from Breach Candy Hospital and put out a post declaring the same. So what’s happened next? And where does Krrish come in?

ETimes has it that Bappa has brought down his 3-year old son from the US with him. “It so happens that Papa had seen Krrish last when he was 18 months old. Post that 18/19 months have passed. Papa is very excited to be with Krrish and spends a lot of time playing different things with him.”

Bappi Lahiri

It seems that Bappa has settled abroad and his visits to India now are going to be off and on.

And how is Bappida feeling now? As fit as a fiddle? “Well, he’s feeling a bit weak. But that will settle with the passage of time. He’s just loving it when it comes to plating with Krrish. How his day rolls by, he doesn’t even realise. My sister stays nearby and at times, her kids are also at our house. So it’s a very fun-filled atmosphere now at home,” Bappa concludes.

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