Exclusive! Bollywood reacts to 15-day curfew in Maharashtra: Is it a flashback? Looks like a repeat of 2020 | Hindi Movie News

Exclusive! Bollywood reacts to 15-day curfew in Maharashtra: Is it a flashback? Looks like a repeat of 2020 | Hindi Movie News

India is registering two lakh cases of COVID every day. Nine states have touched an all-time high. For the time being, states have imposed curfews depending on their respective numbers. But where are we headed? Is there a way out?

Chunky Panday (Actor): This looks like a repeat of 2020. I have gone into a flashback. I am very saddened by what has happened. I had a shoot from April 20-30 but it has been cancelled. We have to get together and fight this again. Bilkul bahar nahin jaana chahiye (We shouldn’t be going out at all).

Poonam Dhillon (Actor): It is a very difficult time for producers who are already grappling with so many issues like added safety norms, cast and crew falling sick, and the added financial expenditure. All said and done, the lockdown is necessary as it will help break the chain. I request that the entertainment industry should be given vaccines on priority as they have to work in very close proximity and most scenes need about 20 people inside a room, who cannot wear masks at the instant when it is being taken–director, cameramen, lightmen, focus men, soundmen, Assistant Directors, hair and makeup artists.

Ramesh Taurani (Producer):
A 15-day semi-lockdown is better for Maharashtra to break the chain, people should become more responsible and start behaving themselves

Anupriya Goenka:
Being safe is important. I respect all measures being taken to fight COVID. I have a shoot planned out of the city during this time; hoping we are able to complete it while taking full precautions and ensuring everyone’s safety. I am also going to use this time for my prep for my upcoming projects.

Bidita Bag (Actor): These are difficult times the world over. This time the COVID surge is very scary as the virus is doubly mutant. It might go even higher if we don’t break the chain. Over the past few weeks, I have seen so many people in my circle get infected. The stress and burden on our healthcare professionals is increasing with the passing of each day due to a lot of backlog, and now it has become difficult to even get the COVID tests done on time. Of late, we have seen so many of the cast and crew members from our fraternity contracting COVID. The safety of the people is of utmost importance. It’s great that the Maharashtra government has not announced a full lockdown. Economy will function and essential daily supplies will be available. We should follow lockdown protocols and help the administration in whatever way we can to overcome this crisis.

Annup Sonii (Actor):
It’s a Catch-22 situation.On one hand, Mumbai might be registering high numbers because more people are getting tested–but on the other, the workers and actors on daily wages from our fraternity are in a very bad state. Let’s all not forget that we have been very careless in our day-to-day approach.

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