Exclusive interview: Tanuj Virwani on 15-day curfew: It’s all about the survival of the fittest | Hindi Movie News

Exclusive interview: Tanuj Virwani on 15-day curfew: It’s all about the survival of the fittest | Hindi Movie News

On Tuesday evening, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra announced a 15-day curfew. And as per the guidelines, no film, TV, or advertisement shoots will be permitted in the state. ETimes got in touch with Tanuj Virwani to find out how he’s coping up with the pandemic and the 15-day curfew. Excerpts…

How is the first day of the 15-day curfew going?

I am safe and sound. I was actually dubbing before the curfew was announced but now everything is uncertain. A lot of producers are nervous about starting new stuff. As I am not shooting for anything now, I have come to my farmhouse at Lonavala. During the last lockdown, I took up reading, and this time around, I will continue my passion for reading and writing. I want to share here that acting came a little later in my journey. I was always fond of writing and would always write intriguing content.

What safety measures were you taking on the sets to avoid contracting the virus while shooting?

I get myself tested as often as possible. But now everything is incredibly scary. No matter how much you sanitise and wear a mask, in the end, you have to shoot without a mask, and that’s the whole issue.

Theatres have been shut down in Maharashtra again…

I feel bad for the hospitality business and theatre owners. They are the worst hit during the pandemic. I just hope that there is a mid-way. For instance, one can open the theatres in green zones, and people can watch films there. Simultaneously, the makers can also release it on an OTT. With the changing times, I suppose a lot of things need to be modified. And now it’s all about the survival of the fittest. Everything is evolving, and we need to evolve with time. Two months ago, did we think that there will be a lockdown-like situation again? I also believe that the actors will have to charge less now.

Do you agree that a 15-day curfew will bring the number of Covid down?

Here, I am not talking as an actor at all, I am talking as a citizen of India. The debate here is not what time the virus comes and what time it doesn’t, or is the lockdown situation beneficial or of any help. The government is trying to find a way to tackle the cases. Just like us, a government body also comprises of human beings, and they are thinking about us and doing the best they can. I am not a specialist, but all I can say is, during the months of Nov-dec-Jan, the cases went down, and everyone thought that the virus had gone for good. All of us have let our guards down. Including me. We all thought everything would be fine until we saw a spike in the cases. Mumbai and Maharashtra have emerged as hotspots. To combat this situation lets us be equally responsible and henceforth stay vigilant and cautious. I also believe that unless and until something bad doesn’t happen to you, you don’t understand the gravity of the situation. I know with the curfew, our economy has been badly affected. But soon, we will get the opportunity to make it right.

What projects are you currently working on?

My web show has been released recently, and I am glad that I got an opportunity to essay a negative role. Apart from that, I have various other interesting web shows lined up.

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