Exclusive! Nadeem-Shravan’s wish that will remain unfulfilled | Hindi Movie News

This is another sad story after music director Shravan Rathod passed away on April 22.

A certain Nadeem Saifi wish will never be fulfilled.

Nadeem Saifi and Shravan Rathod might have had big ego clashes back in the day but Nadeem now told ETimes, when contacted, “Look, such things happen after working with each other for many years, especially after children grow up.
Lekin ek baat mujhe karni thi lekin ab woh hogi nahi.” Clearly, too much water has flown under the bridge since then- Nadeem has mellowed down with time and doesn’t want to look back at their split harshly.

So what’s that wish which shall now always remain unfulfilled, we asked? “I wanted to do a Farewell Tour with Shravan, which would have had us performing to our hit songs in different parts of the world. We were looking forward to it but the lockdown came as a big dampener. We thought we would certainly do it after things improve on the COVID front but alas!”

Nadeem also revealed that he and Shravan had spoken to each other on the phone about 25 days prior to Shravan’s demise. “We chatted for about 20/25 min on quite a few things,” he said and then lamented, “How I wish that things were still the same and we had resolved everything and started working together again.”

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