Exclusive! Suniel Shetty shoots down reports of Delta variant cases in building; says, ‘It got a little unnerving’ | Hindi Movie News

Exclusive! Suniel Shetty shoots down reports of Delta variant cases in building; says, ‘It got a little unnerving’ | Hindi Movie News

Suniel Shetty was recently in the news after cases of COVID-19 cases were reported in his building. We spoke to the actor exclusively about what exactly transpired, and here’s what he had to say:

It was reported that Delta Variant of Covid-19 cases were detected in your apartment building. How are you coping with it?

The current scenario in India is that we are going through the second phase of the pandemic and there have been Covid-19 cases in all buildings and apartments. The government and everybody concerned has been handling it beautifully. What went wrong in our apartment building is that the infections were called the Delta variant, which wasn’t the case from any angle. These were normal Covid cases, which have been happening since the last year-and-a-half. The society and all the committee members have been handling the issues beautifully because we have been helping the people who have been quarantined in their own homes. It came as a surprise when it went out of hand yesterday. This has been happening over a period of 3-4 weeks now; one family got it, then they recovered and another family got it. Overall, I think, 5-6 people had it in one wing of the building. There are two wings of the building–A and B–I stay in the B-wing and A-wing is where these cases were found out to be.

One family that had around four positive cases, the senior-most member was being treated in the hospital, and was discharged, and the rest of them are also doing absolutely fine, but they’re still under quarantine. Probably it was over as well yesterday, but being responsible, they’ve been serving their quarantine period. They don’t come down, the flat has not been sealed but a notice has been put out. The other gentleman is recouping at one of the hospitals in South Mumbai.

So that is the matter and suddenly it got out of hand yesterday when reports started claiming that these were Delta variant cases. It is very unfair for the families; suddenly they were being looked at as if they are scary and were to be avoided. This is not fair; all of us are going through this phase and need to support these people. Yesterday, it took a nasty turn, and just to make it more impactful, reports started claiming that Suniel Shetty’s apartment has been locked. Then they went on to say that Suniel Shetty’s flat has been locked, and there are Delta variant cases detected. It got a little unnerving because we weren’t home. Athiya and Ahan are in London and Mana, mom, I and everybody were out. By the time I read and understood the news, it had gone through the ceiling.

So, the apartment building was not sealed?

There was just a notice being put up; the building cannot be sealed because most of the members have already come back from the hospital. The BMC regularly checks the building; all the support that is required is always given by them. Sealing a building means sealing the entire A wing and B wing, but it is unfair to seal 120 members when just a few are going through this problem. B-Wing is absolutely functional, there is not a single case and the others are recouping. If you ask me, today, all of them have recuperated and one is in the hospital recovering, but they’re serving their quarantine. I think any responsible citizen would do so. All the building members have been helping each other out. Putting this building to shame is not good. That’s why the media needs to be responsible, check information before putting it out. It is scary because Delta plus is not a simple variant.

Are your family members currently staying in the building?

No. My mom is out, Athiya and Ahan are also out. I am in Hyderabad shooting. Mana would probably go back today, but all of us are safe; my staff is safe. As per rules and regulations, they’ve been vaccinated following the age bracket.

BMC officials have also taken the charge of the building…

The BMC officials took the charge of the building 10 days ago when they put up the notice. They kept on checking on the families concerned, which is very good. The BMC has been very cooperative when it comes to helping us with whatever we want.

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