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It happened when Nadeem and Shravan had parted ways. That they never got back together is sad, but did you know that when Shabbir Boxwalla (known for films like ‘Gupt’ and ‘Tridev’) made a film called ‘Ishq Forever’ (2016) starring Ruhi Singh, Krishna Chaturvedi and Lisa Ray, Shravan got extremely miffed? Now Boxwalla had to choose either Shravan or Nadeem because they both were clear and adamant that they weren’t ready to reconcile (at least then).

Boxwalla chose Nadeem and even went and met him abroad. This was Nadeem’s comeback to Bollywood after almost a decade. When Boxwalla returned to Mumbai, he got a call from Shravan.

Shravan was disappointed that Boxwalla hadn’t asked him to join Nadeem or rather asked him to compose it solo for ‘Ishq Forever’ and made it clear to the producer in question. Boxwalla told Shravan that he had no agenda and in fact, it would be good for the industry if the two of them quickly sorted out their differences. Shravan then told him ‘Ok never mind, but when you are onto your next one, please do consider my kids- Sanjeev and Darshan- for the same as they are very talented’.

Shravan is no more; he passed away on April 22 in Mumbai’s Raheja Hospital after an attack of COVID accompanied by several co-morbidities. His elder son Sanjeev had spoken to us at length yesterday about what led Shravan to a critical state.

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