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Filmmaker Onir celebrates his birthday today, but keeping in mind the current covid-crisis in the state, he says, “It has been difficult to feel good with all that is happening around us.”

In a candid chat with ETimes, the director brought forth his brand of spunk and wit as he spilled the beans about what birthdays mean to him, his plans, and his biggest wish for the year ahead.


Celebrating a birthday amidst a pandemic is not on Onir’s agenda as he points out, “When the first covid-19 wave hit, it was all so distant, but now suddenly it’s at our doors.”

With the pandemic still at bay, he shares some tips he has been following, even if it means turning into the handyman of the house. “For me, I have not been stepping out. We stopped the maids from coming and everything is online. I have been doing a lot of housework, but then the most important thing right now is keeping my parents safe.”

When asked if the COVID-19 crisis changed him in any way, he laughs out loud and says, “I think I was a nice human being before the pandemic also. I remember, during the first wave, everyone was like ‘oh! the sky is blue’ and ‘we will be more conscious’. The moment people thought the pandemic was over, the sky became as smokey and polluted as ever. It is fashionable to say the pandemic changed us, but honestly, it has just changed the way we adapt to the situation.”

Onir has been among the few celebrities using their social media platforms to help connect people in need of medicines, oxygen and other essential supplies. He shares, “I have been very vocal about what has been happening around us, especially after seeing the silence from our industry. Whatever little voice I have on social media, I try to amplify people’s cry for help and wherever possible, help the other out. I have not been directly involved in any relief efforts, but I have been reaching out to various NGOs.”

Keeping in mind the current crisis the country has been facing, Onir assures us his birthday this year, will be a party for three. “The most important thing for me on my birthday is my parents. My father is 90. He will make biryani, he’s already made me payesh that is cooling in the fridge. My mom made me my favourite dish – prawn malai curry. So it will just be about spending time with the people responsible for me, as that is precious to me.”

The director also shared that apart from not having family and friends over, he asked those wanting to send him gifts, to contribute towards the relief efforts by the NGO – Khalsa Aid, instead.

Finally, revealing his birthday wish, he says, “I want to get married next year!”

Tickled by the thought of finding the right life partner while in lockdown he says, “…But for that, I have to find the right guy this year. It’s difficult in the lockdown just sitting at home. Till now the Supreme Court and the laws do not consider it legal, but I definitely want to get married and do the Hindu Arya Samaj wedding.”

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