HowIMadeIt! Ajay Chaudhary: My love story with Janki Makkar began in Anurag Basu’s ‘Love Story’

TV actor Ajay Chaudhary entered the OTT sphere and is now wanting to go deeper into it, keeping TV aside for at least a while. Ajay, our guest this week, on #HowIMadeIt, is clear that he has learnt a lot from TV. “OTT allows you to give a lot more to the character you are playing. But I was not agitated with TV. Every medium has its limitations. I have learnt a lot from TV. No complaints,” he starts off with a smile.

But why not stay in the medium which offers a regular flow of income? “Phir toh one will get stuck wherever he is. Isn’t acting an unpredictable profession anyway? I am proud of my decision. Times are changing. I need to go with the flow. Moreover, even OTT plays well, so…,” he trails off and shrugs.

Ajay will try to get into movies too, but says rather wisely that he’d better try after the lockdown is over. What he means is that who knows, when will normalcy return- and in such circumstances why not stick to OTT wherein he did ‘Crackdown’ sometime ago and got quite a few praises and is also getting more offers.”Why not movies? But let the theatres open.”

Not in these exact words but Ajay does say it if you read between the lines that TV hardly allows you to look different. “I want to do different characters now wherein I also look different.”

The interview would be incomplete if we don’t ask him how his marital life is progressing. “It’s all fine. I met Jyoti (Makkar) in my first show ‘Love Story’, helmed by Anurag Basu. Today, we have a daughter. We are in a happy space,” Ajay signs off.

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