India falls to fourth spot in seven-day Covid count | India News

India falls to fourth spot in seven-day Covid count | India News

NEW DELHI: Indonesia has displaced Brazil as the country currently recording the highest number of fresh Covid-19 cases in the world while India has fallen to the fourth place after being overtaken by the UK. Indonesia reported 3.24 lakh cases in the last seven days ending Friday, a 43% rise over the preceding week. Brazil’s count stood at 2.87 lakh, with the UK close behind at 2.75 lakh, as per the website that tracks global Covid numbers.
India’s numbers have been falling slightly faster this week than the last. It reported 2.69 lakh new cases in the last seven days, a decline of 8% over the preceding seven days.

Globally, cases surged by 16% in the past week, raising fears that the world could already be in the third wave of the pandemic. Besides several countries in Europe, the virus was spreading rapidly closer home in southeast Asia. Apart from the 43% spike in Indonesia, Malaysia logged a 45% rise in the last seven days, Thailand 38%, Myanmar 48% and Vietnam 130%.

In India, fresh cases on Saturday crossed 40,000 for the second time this week as infections surged in Kerala and Manipur, in particular. India logged 41,246 new cases, up from 38,019 on Friday.
Kerala reported 16,148 new cases, the highest daily tally in the state in 38 days. In Manipur, cases surged to an all-time daily high of 1,171.
At 513, deaths from the virus in the country continued to slide gradually. The highest daily toll this week (Monday to Sunday) was 626 as opposed to 703 last week.

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