Janhvi Kapoor to begin shoot for ‘Helen’ remake from August | Hindi Movie News

Janhvi Kapoor to begin shoot for ‘Helen’ remake from August | Hindi Movie News

Janhvi Kapoor will begin shooting for the remake of the Malayalam hit ‘Helen’ in August. The initial shoot of the film will be done on a set. A source close to the unit said, “The film needs to be shot at real locations but we will begin with an indoor shoot first. The production team is planning to start the shoot in August and the crew is currently in preparation phase.” There’s also speculation that the Hindi title of the film might be changed to ‘Mili’.

Janhvi was to begin shooting for the film in June but the extension of curbs in the second lockdown have delayed the schedule. The film is being directed by Mathukutty Xavier who had also directed the original ‘Helen’ in Malayalam. The original film had featured actors Anna Ben and Lal in lead roles.

Since the shoot of the film demands live locations, the production team is currently conducting recces of prospective locales. Due to travel restrictions and production concerns, the film will be shot in India and the crew will not be travelling to foreign locales.

‘Helen’ is a 2019 film and is a survival thriller that won National Awards for the director, who also made his debut with this feature and the make-up artiste, too. The movie has already been remade in Tamil titled ‘Anbirkiniyal’ and it starred Keerthi Pandian in the lead. Janhvi’s character in the film will probably be named Mili.

Janhvi will also be seen in films like ‘Good Luck Jerry’, ‘Dostana 2’ and a remake of the Tamil hit ‘Kolamavu Kokila’.

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