Lalit Parimoo: Many daily wage actors have started looking for alternate online jobs | Hindi Movie News

The pandemic has not only jeopardised the jobs of junior artists, dancers, and stunt artists, but daily wage actors, too, have suffered a setback. Most films and TV shows are now cutting down on small roles performed by smaller actors, leaving them jobless.

Senior actor Lalit Parimoo informs that there are many actors who are looking for alternate online jobs in these trying times. “We have a lot of actors who survive on daily wage work and the present pandemic has put them in a difficult condition. No one is to be blamed as producers can’t start work so no one gets paid. All those who have saved some money can pull it off for some time but those who depend on daily work have to find a way out. The association has provided some relief along with a few NGO s, but that’s not a long-term solution,” he points out, adding, “I know many of them have started looking for alternate online jobs which is the only way out”.

It will be quite a while before the film and television industries can go back to shooting as they did in pre-Covid times and with over 60 per cent of the artists on a daily wage. Parimoo suggests, “I will say that if nothing is happening then such artists will have to look for some other employment out of circumstantial pressure as our film industry is not a proper industry, where we have schemes of pension, gratuity, etc”.

Speaking about the disparity in wages he adds, “It’s a very ruthless world here, as we have stars who earn in crores from a film and a few who can’t get even a few thousand a day regularly for their daily survival. The gap is huge and this gap should be minimised by giving few facilities to all daily wage actors, on their merit, and giving them social security. I don’t think it’s too difficult”.

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