Lee Do-hyun and Go Min-si’s Youth of May romantic scene goes viral; fans call it Korean version of Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol’s DDLJ ‘palat’ scene

Those keeping up with K-drama would have heard of the hottest new show streaming online – Youth of May. The series, starring Lee Do-hyun and Go Min-si has been ruling the rating charts with its latest episodes that are packed with drama, romance and humour. Episode 4 got Indian fans buzzing over a scene between the characters Hwang Hee-tae and Kim Myung-hee that reminded them of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol‘s iconic scene in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

The clip that has since gone viral online, features Hwang waving Kim goodbye for the night. As she walks away, we see him hoping for her to turn back.

“Look back, look back,” he says under his breath while watching her walk away. To his surprise, Kim stops and turns to look at him once again.

Desi fans took to social media to gush about the cute scene. Many even said that it reminded them of SRK’s timeless “palat” scene with Kajol.

“Literally getting ddlj vibes,” one fan said.

Another chimed in response, “The Korean version of ‘PALAT’.”

‘Youth Of May’, stars Lee Do-hyun as Hwang Hee-Tae and Go Min-si as Kim Myeong-hee, a nurse. The story highlights two young individuals who cross paths and fall in love during May 1980, a historically crucial era in South Korea due to the Gwangju democratization struggle, sparked by student protests.

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