Maharashtra government asks industry to submit list of SOPs for approval | Hindi Movie News

Film and Television industry members suddenly have a smile on their faces and the reason for it is that after two months of non-communication, the Maharashtra Government has asked the industry to share their SOPs with them for approval.

FWICE general secretary Ashok Dubey, when contacted, said, “We have been asked by the state government to share our SOPs which we will be sending them tomorrow. Most of it is going to be the same and the only and most important addition is vaccination of the entire unit before they come on set to be made mandatory”.

Dubey informs that the decision of the vaccination was taken after a joint meeting with FWICE, producers, and broadcasters. But the SOPs post the first lockdown had prevented the senior citizens from all departments from working and coming on set to which Dubey replied there is no such restriction anymore. There is already a court order passed in the case. However, shooting crowd sequences, big song sequences, and crowding on sets will not be allowed. So dancers and junior artists will have to be patient for some more time.

Bollywood filmmakers are hoping to restart shooting in the first week of June.

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