Mika Singh slams KRK: Making personal comments about Salman Khan, Disha Patani is too vulgar | Hindi Movie News

Mika Singh has now locked horns with actor-critic Kamaal Rashid Khan, slamming the latter for his abusive videos. His recent review of ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai’ has particularly irked the singer. Speaking exclusively to ETimes, he lashes out, “With films like ‘Radhe’, people are getting at least something to watch at such times. Every critic has a right to criticise a movie but making personal comments about Disha Patani, Salman Khan, Jackie Shroff is too vulgar”.

Stating that everyone should speak out against the abusive videos made by KRK, Mika adds, “A lot of actors have complained to me about KRK in the past and I had even yelled at him several times, even when he had spoken wrongly about Sara Ali Khan. I have a good relationship with Salman bhai but at the same time, it is my responsibility to call out wrong things, since I am a part of the same industry. Everyone should have united and spoken out much before.”

Mika is not just posting his thoughts on Twitter, but has also announced the release of a diss song against KRK. Titled ‘KRK Kutta’, the singer has already worked out the lyrics and recorded the song. “A true singer can make a song on any situation. KRK abuses a lot in his videos and I have often given him an earful about it. This time it was important to fix him because it is very difficult to clear your name from these personal attacks that he makes against actors, directors, producers. In fact, KRK got so scared after my announcement that he called up Toshi Sabri to inquire about the song. The musician didn’t even know that I was using his music for ‘KRK Kutta’,” he reveals.

With the mixing of the song scheduled to take place soon, Mika plans to release it in the first week of June. Sharing details, Mika Singh adds, “I am adding a few shots of mine in the song, but it is definitely featuring KRK. He is a good-looking man and I need him to promote my song. I have requested him to be a part of the song but if nothing then at least I will use the shots”.

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