My COVID Story: My 6-month baby was COVID positive along with me

My COVID Story: My 6-month baby was COVID positive along with me

Ishita Tyagi recalls the dreadful Corona experience that her whole family went through. Here is her COVID story…

I always used to read other’s stories but never thought I am going to write one. Here is my COVID story.

During this entire Pandemic, the most unfavourable ordeal that could strike someone could be possible that you are hit by COVID. Yet, despite following all the precautions we couldn’t save ourselves from this widespread smash.

On 16th April morning, my husband had a mild fever so we started giving him basic medication. We thought it’s going to subside but then the next early morning around 5 AM, his fever had gone to 102 F. We knew something was wrong and I was simply praying that it shouldn’t turn out to be COVID. He had isolated himself by then and started looking for a doctor online. By noon, we could find a doctor and by just listening to his symptoms, the doctor confirmed that it’s Corona. We all got our COVID test done the same day.

We didn’t panic at all and started his medication. By evening the same day, I started developing mild fever therefore I too isolated myself. I was feeling ok that day but things worsened within 2-3 days. My husband and I were in a horrific state and we had lost appetite taste and smell. Trust me it is the most terrible thing in the world to lose your chemical senses. To add, I was isolated from my 6 months old baby.

For a couple of initial days, my baby didn’t show symptoms of COVID but the situation started to escalate when she too got 102F fever and this was when we were in a really terrible state. We consulted her paediatrician and the doctor conveyed that if both parents are COVID positive then the child must be positive too. I was shattered knowing that my 6-month-old baby to is in the grip of COVID. There were no medications that could be given to such a small infant apart from the basic immunity boosters. We had no clue how to safeguard and protect her from this deadly situation. She would just keep sleeping as if some sleeping pills were given to her. It was disheartening to see her like that, my chirpy child had gone numb. She used to sleep on her own and would not make any sound or even react to my voice. The intensity of my pain can’t be expressed in words. Abundant negative thoughts used to creep us all the time and we couldn’t sleep at all. We could absorb our pain and sufferings but seeing our baby’s suffering was beyond our tolerance.

For the initial days we were somehow able to manage ourselves but post that our health started deteriorating drastically to the extent that we were not able to stand. We were taken hold by extreme coughing, chills, raging fever till 104F, vomits, nausea, and severe weakness. We couldn’t even speak due to acute coughing. During this time my in-laws were taking care of us.

Series of bad events don’t end here. By the time we three (me, my husband and baby) were positive, my mother-in-law also started showing symptoms of high fever, loss of taste and smell which really disturbed us further as she is a heart patient. Her medication started too and we were in different rooms isolated from each other. Therefore, my father-in-law used to take care of our medication and household chores.

By this time my father-in-law too was under the influence of COVID and we all were isolated from each other. A few days back we had celebrated the 6-month birthday of our baby together with so much joy but now the tables turned and we were in the worst state of mind and health with no clue of what’s going to be next.

As per the doctor’s advice, we got our CT Scan and some other blood investigations are done. Post seeing the reports we had a sense that we were already into the tight hold of Covid as the virus had reached our lungs. We had a teleconsultation with our doc and he conveyed that it’s going to trouble us severely for a minimum of 10-12 days but the doctor kept us positive by consoling us that things would be fine which I think was a great step from his side. We all were walking on the rope of hope wishing to be fine.

I used to sob at night and would just ask myself whether things would improve or not or are we going to survive and live another day or not. We all were in such bad shape that we couldn’t even move from our beds to the washroom. The intensity of our weakness could be assessed from the fact that we would just roll on the bed to go to the other side to get things done. I would get chills at night and then would start vomiting twice to thrice times. Nights were a nightmare OR I should say they were like horror turbulence.

It was the day when my o2 saturation was intermittently dipping down to 85-88 my husband came to our room checking on me. He asked me to practice prone positions, I almost saw him after 2 weeks. He cleaned the entire mess in the room that is when I started believing that things are going to fall in place as he is with me now. Gradually we started getting some hope that we are going to be on the path of recovery. Slowly we got some urge to eat. Getting that appetite back was itself a satisfying and pleasing feeling as we regained it after 2 weeks.

Amidst these ongoing struggles, we got really bad news of the demise of my Husband’s maternal grandfather which too added to the bucket of our agony. We all have survived such a severe and critical pandemic and this is nothing but we call it a MIRACLE. God wanted us all to live and survive and here we are.

These days have taught me the importance of day to day moments of life which we usually consider imperfect and are not satisfied with. We are mostly not content and keep complaining of boredom and monotony which should ideally be cherished and be considered a gift of God.

Talking about the post effects of Covid, the body has become extremely weak and sometimes we randomly get thoughts that take us to our dark grief days. But we make ourselves understand that we were lucky enough to survive this widespread situation. Staying positive plays such a dominant role in healing and our doctor made sure that we are unaware of the severity of covid so that we don’t become cynical about the situation. We would never want to recall this spine chilling experience but yes would like to call out that that Covid is not merely a viral infection but a fatal pandemic that has taken lives. We have been impacted physically and psychologically by this wave.

So my sincere request for everyone is to stay home, stay safe and practice COVID norms.

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