Pujara is ‘up and running’ as Indians allowed individual physical training on Day 3 of quarantine | Cricket News

SOUTHAMPTON: Indian cricketers trained in a staggered manner on the third day of their quarantine here after being allowed to run in the gymnasium and the main playing field at different time slots.
Senior batsman Cheteshwar Pujara uploaded a video of his running on his Instagram stories, indicating that the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) have got the requisite permission from the health authorities to allow the visiting teams an opportunity of staggered training.
Pujara uploaded a short Instagram video titled “Golden Hour” and “Let’s Go” where he was seen doing some light jogging.

It is understood that with the Hilton hotel being part of the Hampshire Bowl property, the players were allowed to come out of their rooms on the third day even though they are still not supposed to meet each other.
The men and the women could use the gymnasium separately for running and other physical training purposes.
The skills training will start a few days later at an adjacent practice ground but on Sunday, the room quarantine is likely to be over and they can do their gym sessions in small groups.
The players have also been provided basic equipment in their rooms for exercise purposes.

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