Raju Srivastav offers help to lookalike actors of Bollywood | Hindi Movie News

Comedian Raju Srivastav has offered to help lookalike actors of Bollywood who have been without work for over a year. The President of the All India Lookalike Association, Arif Khan, said, “We have got ration kits from Raju Srivastav and will be distributed to our members in Mumbai. There are some other outsiders who have given us ration kits too which helped us sail through these tough times”. The association has members all over the country and need financial help and Arif said, “We have been getting ration kits which are able to send to our members here in Mumbai but would request people to do financial help so that we can transfer funds to our members who live in other states”.

Arif is a little disappointed that Bollywood actors have not really come forward to help their lookalikes, who have only promoted the real actors through their live shows. He said, “Only Jackie Shroff has helped us and donated a sewing machine to the widow of his lookalike we are really disappointed with our big stars. But our grateful that FWICE is doing its bit to help us and have heard we may get some funds from Salman Khan‘s foundation”. The lookalike association is a mix of full-time and part-time artistes while those who have a parallel job are doing well for themselves but there are others who only depended on live shows and small roles in films or as body doubles. The pandemic has almost finished their careers.

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