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Late Rishi Kapoor’s daughter Riddhima Kapoor Sahni is a successful entrepreneur, mother to a 10-year-old daughter, Samara, and also quite popular on social media. Besides sharing glimpses of her Bollywood family, she often puts up posts talking about fitness and workouts. In a chat with ETimes, she opens up about what goes behind keeping herself fit in a Punjabi household, where everyone loves to eat. Excerpts:

What keeps you fit?

For fitness, I love yoga because I enjoy it. Right now, I have online yoga classes due to the current situation. I have a yoga teacher whom I call for sessions because I can’t do it on my own. I am currently doing yoga 3-4 times a week and the last 10-15 mins of each session I dedicate to meditation as it really calms my mind. Even chanting for 5-10 mins makes a world of a difference for me as I am an anxious person. I’m a true Virgo, you can say (laughs).

What about following a diet?

For my diet, the credit completely goes to my mother (Neetu Kapoor). She has always inculcated good eating habits in me and Ranbir (Kapoor). We are Kapoors and we are fond of eating. Thankfully we had our mom who inculcated healthy eating habits. Of course, as a kid, we ate anything and everything, but as time passed and we became older, we started eating healthy.

They say a child imitates the parents. My dad (Rishi Kapoor) loved food and loved eating his food very well; my mom, on the other hand, of course, wanted my dad to be fit during his films. She used to tell him what to eat and what not to, which he never listened to. He always ate what he wanted and never followed a diet.

Back in childhood, it was mostly my dad who was out for shoots and mom stayed back for us, so, we grew up watching her eating habits. She is very picky about her food, and though she never went on a diet, whatever she ate was nutritious. So, we don’t believe in the concept of a diet. This is exactly what I try to tell my daughter Samara. I do give her pizza, burger, or pasta but more like a reward, and, again she is just 10 years old so she has a long way to go.

Having said that, once a week, we go crazy; you can call it a cheat day. But you should believe it when I say that I eat chocolate every single day. I have to have it! But I haven’t had junk food ever since Samara was born. I don’t even enjoy it now.

So, what does your cheat meal look like now?

I love Gujarati dishes, sambar-rice, and idli-dosa. Give me anything like khandvi, khakra, dhokla, fafda…oh my God! That is what I call my cheat diet.

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