Shah Rukh Khan was such a bright student in school that he could have been a scientist: Rahul Dev | Hindi Movie News

Rahul Dev and Shah Rukh Khan went to the same school in Delhi and the former was junior to the latter. Though the two didn’t interact much, Rahul remembers playing cricket with the superstar. While he was a fast bowler, SRK was the wicket-keeper. In an Instagram Live session, the actor shared how bright the superstar always was. So much so, that Rahul insisted that Badshah of Bollywood could have been a scientist if he wanted to. Now that led to an interesting session with the supermodel, versatile actor, and father, Rahul Dev.

Being a hardcore Delhi boy, Rahul used to feel amused when people asked him if he could speak in Hindi. He proved everyone wrong about models not being good actors and bagged several nominations for his debut film ‘Champion’. He also dispelled the myth that people who look like Greek Gods can’t play ‘desi’ and completely raw characters.

The actor is in a long-term stable relationship with actress Mugdha Godse and during the live session, also shared things that he learns from her. “Mugdha has got the strength of a man…she has gained so much strength by doing ashtanga yoga,” he raved!

Also, the actor is completely in awe of Tiger Shroff and his ability to perform gravity-defying stunts, and that despite being a hardcore Punjabi, Vicky Kaushal could play such a convincing Gujarati in ‘Sanju’.

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