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LUCKNOW: President of All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) and rector of Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama, Maulana Raabey Hasani Nadwi on Monday clarified that neither him as head of the board nor the board itself will issue an appeal in favour of any particular political party ahead of UP elections.
The senior cleric who is based in Lucknow, in a statement in Urdu, said that political activity has already lit up the state scene and several people are desirous of him declaring support to a party. The cleric refusing to do so has asked people to use their democratic right intelligently, follow Covid norms and not fall prey to rumours linking AIMPLB to any party.
“Many people have started asking me to issue an appeal in favour of a particular party. These people have no knowledge of the ideals, rules and regulations, history, constitution and work area of AIMPLB. Section 4 of the board’s constitution clearly states that AIMPLB as an institution will not align to any form of politics. In both my capacity as an individual and as head of AIMPLB and Nadwa, the fact remains so,” said the cleric.
He further clarified that any appeal or statement supportive of any political party floating around as one from AIMPLB, should be treated as unauthentic and fake.
“Rumour mills work on an overdrive when elections are round the corner. So be wary of any such appeals and take them with a pinch of salt. identify such people who spread misinformation and do not fall for their trap. Voting is everyone’s democratic right and it should be used with utmost intelligence and deliberation so that it is helpful for the country and the community as a whole,” said Maulana Nadwi.
In the final leg of his statement, the cleric reiterated the need to follow government guidelines for Bakreid keeping covid pandemic in sight.

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