WhatsApp video calls are changing: 7 important things to know

WhatsApp has fixed what may be called one of the biggest loopholes in its video calls feature. The instant messaging app will now allow users to join group video calls after they start, a feature which has been there since long in rivals Google Duo, Zoom and Google Meet. This means you need not miss those group calls with friends and family if you were not ready when the call started. Here are some important things to know about this joinable calls feature.



​Is there a way to see who all are part of the group WhatsApp call

WhatsApp has created a call info screen for users to see who is already on the call, and who has been invited but not yet joined.



​Can users drop off the call and join back later

Yes, users can also drop-off and re-join the call later — so long as the call is still ongoing.



​Can users turn off the video during an ongoing group video call

Yes users can turn off video during an ongoing group call. Users can turn off their video by tapping on it.



​Can users remove a contact from a group video call

No, a user cannot remove a certain contact from the call during a group video call. The contact has to disconnect the phone himself.



​Can a blocked contact also join a video call

Yes, the contact you have blocked may also join your group video call. This happens when another contact has added your blocked contact. You cannot add a blocked contact to a call or a call to a contact who has blocked you.



​What is the Google Android OS version that support this feature

The video call feature only works on Android phones with 4.1 or higher.



​Is there’s also a change in the number of people allowed in WhatsApp video and voice calls

No there’s no change in the number of people who can be in a group call. Only eight members can be in a video call at a time.

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